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A few weeks ago a made a very intentional decision. I was going to leave the company I’ve been working with for a year to follow my dreams. This choice isn’t one that came easily. Normally I’m one to make very sudden, irrational decisions basely purely on whichever way the wind is blowing. Especially when it comes to jobs, since I’ve never had to make this decision, (because I’ve always get fired before it can happen.) But this time I knew in my heart I was making the right decision. The right time? We’ll find out, but I knew it had to be done. I found the strength to follow my dreams and I’m excited to announce I’m doing just that starting today. Today is the start of a new chapter.

taking the leap having the strength and courage to follow my dreams as an entrepreneur

So what exactly will I be doing now? A few things. Exploring the person I’m becoming, helping grow the company I founded with Jason, dedicating many more hours to practicing and selling my art and also working on designing a life I love. I consider that a job. This life is way too short to not consider yourself/life your best creation. Why would you settle for anything less than the best when it comes to your mind, body and soul? Ok, so here’s the scoop:

I absolutely thrive on the thrill on entrepreneurship. Jason and I have worked tirelessly for three years to build Phox Charge. Some really big things are happening for our company this year and I would regret it forever if I didn’t pour all my time and energy into making sure it becomes successful. We named Jason CEO, he’s a fucking rockstar. Phox Charge wouldn’t exist today if it weren’t for him. And I’ll be reclaiming my spot as full-time CMO and Creative Director. We’ve come so far, been so patient and now is the time to finally start sprinting. phox charge secure charging cell phone stations

I’ll also be spending about 10 hours per week on my art and illustrations. and digital media. I’ve been an artist for as long as I can remember. I also love building brands and designing websites.I’ve been blessed with a talent and I think it would be sad if I continued to go through life and not indulge in this creative gift I’ve been handed. It is truly a form of therapy for me. I love it. I’ll be working on original pieces and taking on commissioned work of all types. This is my shameless plug. If you need custom artwork, a logo, branding or a website: I’m your girl. You can message me here.custom fashion illustration for bloggers

And while I won’t be actively managing anyone’s social media anymore, I do have plans in the near future to begin offering small business/entrepreneurial consulting. I love helping people better themselves and their businesses. This will be an exciting project that I hope to begin in the next few months (probably post SxSw, since it will be a bit crazy for us) Until then this blog will serve as my platform to share my experience, knowledge and lessons I learn as I follow my dreams.

One of my main intentions is fully dedicating myself to my mantra, “Simplify Life, Maximize Happiness”. My job was anything but simple; it was stressful and chaotic. The principles of the job just didn’t align with how I intend on living my life. I’m reclaiming my purpose and defining the person I want to be. One of my larger life goals is to be able to manage my anxiety and stress without the use of medications, I think western medicine has become a crutch for us and it doesn’t encourage us to actually find a cure. While I’m not there yet, I hope to be off all medication within the next year or so. This means I’ll not only be a much healthier version of myself, but also saving tons of money every year.

So there you have it. I took the leap. I consider myself a creative lifestyle entrepreneur. I talk all the time about being brave and finding the strength to follow your dreams. But after a lot of kicks in the proverbial nuts these past few years, I had to take a timeout. I did the 9-5 thing for a while, but it just wasn’t for me. I’ve fallen off the horse and finally found the courage to get back in the saddle and get on with it. So today starts the new chapter. I feel refreshed, excited and thrilled to begin designing the life I want to live.