So you’re ready to learn how to design a capsule wardrobe.

Maybe you don’t even know what a capsule wardrobe even is, but you’re simply tired of having a closet packed full of clothes you never wear. You feel guilty from purchases made on impulse or defeated from ill-fitting clothes from a past weight or shape or style preference.

Whatever the reason – You’re ready for a change. And this post is just for you. I’m going to help you learn how to design a capsule wardrobe that is functional, effortless and customized just for you, your style and your life.

How To Design A Capsule Wardrobe via Lauren Jade Lately | A Minimalist Style and Simple Living Blog

It was mid-2014 when I seriously began ditching a majority of my clothes. I had never heard of the term ‘Capsule Wardrobe’. But I found myself becoming increasingly frustrated with the daily ‘I have nothing to wear’ monologue. An entirely self-inflicted problem only made worse by a shopping compulsion influenced by Instagram and my shallow belief that it was a major style faux pas to be caught in the same thing twice. I soon discovered useful posts from Into Mind and thought-provoking TEDx talks like this 10-item wardrobe experiment which got my wheels spinning- but It wasn’t until I downsized and began living tiny that I realized I had curated a capsule wardrobe without even trying to.

How To Design A Capsule Wardrobe via Lauren Jade Lately | A Minimalist Style and Simple Living Blog I believe that your capsule wardrobe should be full of only things you absolutely love and that you look/feel amazing in. When pairing down your wardrobe, don’t get caught up trying to follow a certain set of rules or a specific number. Everyone’s lifestyles, jobs and personalities are different. For example, if you live near the beach you’re not going to build a 40-piece capsule wardrobe designed for someone living in New York City. If you’re really draw to that style, go for it, but you may be pretty unhappy with the results. (Or you’ll end up realizing maybe you belong in New York instead) That just doesn’t make any sense. Mine happens to be fairly monochromatic, comfortable and flexible – I’m not big on colors or patterns and tend to opt for crop tops and cuts that flatter my athletic build. Instead of rules, I follow some key principles to guide the foundation of my wardrobe while bending them as I see fit, but I do always follow the love and fit rule. If it don’t satisfy both of those, it’s got to go.

How To Design A Capsule Wardrobe via Lauren Jade Lately | A Minimalist Style and Simple Living Blog and because I know how difficult the entire process of editing your closet and wardrobe can be, I’ve put together a free Capsule Wardrobe Planner for just to help you out! It will help you discover your true personal style, figure out exactly what fits you and just how much decluttering you need to do. Get your free printable copy below!


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