Feeling appreciated is a unique, yet fleeting emotion. It is easy to give and receive, but knowing how to show appreciation in the right way is tough. But it can improve your mood, strengthen relationships and build trust.

Why It's so Important to Give Appreciation To Others via Lauren Jade Lately

We’ve all felt under-appreciated at some point in our life. A lot of time we mistake this feeling as anger, frustration or contentment towards another person. So the more we can remember to express our gratitude and appreciation for the amazing humans we have in our lives, the more we can continuously celebrate one another.

The most intriguing thing about appreciation is that it must be given yet it’s one of those beautiful, intangible things. 
But you don’t have to buy it, trade it or find it. . . you simply give it – it’s a perfect gift for a minimalist.

Appreciation is made in the heart, validated by the mind and given from the soul.

Sharing appreciation feels amazing to both the giver and receiver.It’s the most simple way to completely transform someone else’s day. But never show appreciation with an expectation of    Life moves fast and it can be easy to forget all the people in your life that help make your life more beautiful. So how do you show appreciation in a meaningful way?

Why It's so Important to Give Appreciation To Others via Lauren Jade Lately | Minimalist Lifestyle Blog

Just tell them.

I picked up a little ritual of sprinkling more appreciation into my relationships. With my friends, family and co-workers – but with myself as well. Set aside 10 minutes to think about all the people in your life you truly appreciate. It could be for whatever reason, but have a reason. Then next time you see them in person, using the following formula:
“Hey [ person’s name ], I just wanted to let you know I really appreciate you for [ whatever reason big or small ]. Thank You for being such a good [ friend, parents, spouse, co-worker etc].”

That’s it. No strings attached. A few things may start to happen:

– you’ll see a sudden positive shift in their body language. they may even seem uncomfortable at first.
– you will begin to have an internal positive response- that’s your soul feeling satisfied.
– the relationship will feel fortified, refreshed and emotionally elevated.

Take care,