When I met Jennifer for coffee a few weeks ago, I just knew we’d be fast friends. A relatively new Austinite, the designer and founder of MAJA BOND (pronounced, May-AH), has hit the ground running with no signs of slowing down. I was drawn in by her kind spirit and the enthusiastic passion for has for her craft and the entire industry. She also places the highest importance on quality and her pieces are the perfect example of the minimalist principles I embrace daily. They are timeless, impeccably designed and versatile. Every ring is designed to be worn multiple ways, whether as a stand alone gem or stacked set. 

Custom Engagement Rings and Versatile Fine Jewelry by Maja Bond Jewelry in Austin Texas | Lauren Jade Lately | Minimalist Fashion + Style Blog

“I wanted to create a line of jewelry that was exquisitely and thoughtfully designed, sustainably and ethically-made. The “thoughtfully-designed” component is what inspired my focus on versatility. This means that the pieces are all designed to be rotated/worn different ways for different looks. I take a very thorough approach to engineering and really focus on designing the top, bottom,  sides, front, and back of every single style. I’m super picky when it comes to aesthetics and hand-picked a select group of artisans in NYC to manufacture my designs. The manufacturing is an art in itself and requires extreme precision and attention to detail.”

-Jennifer Resnick, owner & creative director of MAJA BOND

I instantly fell in love with the Gabby ring – with it’s tiny baguette-shaped black and white diamonds effortlessly meeting in the middle of a structured gold band. It’s basically 3 rings in one depending on how you choose to wear it. Genius. Then she offered to let me borrow a few for a wedding I was attending this past weekend… I just couldn’t say no. (*jaw dropswhat girl could turn down a handful of diamonds?!) I stacked the sophia, isabella, and marlo all on one finger. My other hand held the gabby and the diamonds by the number ring that I’m.obsessed.with. The perfect embodiment of both minimalism and TAKE CARE – a stunningly simple gold band with just 1 tiny diamond. Such a perfect little reminder for myself. 

Custom Engagement Rings and Versatile Fine Jewelry by Maja Bond Jewelry in Austin Texas | Lauren Jade Lately | Minimalist Fashion + Style Blog

Upon closer inspection of all these beautifully modern and understated gems, I just had to know more about this New York transplant and inspiring female entrepreneur so as she was gracious enough to answer a few of my questions (while I drooled all over her rings.) 

Custom Engagement Rings and Versatile Fine Jewelry by Maja Bond Jewelry in Austin Texas | Lauren Jade Lately | Minimalist Fashion + Style Blog

A Q & A With Jennifer, founder and creative director of MAJA BOND

Custom Engagement Rings and Versatile Fine Jewelry by Maja Bond Jewelry in Austin Texas | Lauren Jade Lately | Minimalist Fashion + Style Blog

Q: First off – Where are you from? And why Austin?

A: I moved here from NYC; however, before that I was in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Portland, Oregon. I chose to launch my business in Austin because it is incredibly startup and artist-friendly. I’ve always wanted to live here and the timing finally felt right to make the move.

Q: What inspired you to get started with designing fine jewelry?

A: Quality of materials and craftsmanship is incredibly important to me. I love working with precious materials because it’s fun (who doesn’t love diamonds, right?) and I honestly just love to create beautiful things.

Q: What sets Maja Bond apart from all the other fine jewelers?

A: My goal was to create a line of rings that could transition from left to right hand and look amazing as a wedding band or in a ring stack. My point of differentiation is that my brand is based on versatility! It’s fun because it gives customers the opportunity to rotate rings different ways for different looks. Why not make the most out of your fine jewelry investment?   

Q: I absolutely LOVE the uniqueness of the ring designs, what’s your design process? (you can make this as brief or as detailed as you like?

A: Thanks! My design process varies…but usually I start with a mood board. I try to capture anything I find inspiring (think colors, street style, shoes, nature, textures, etc.) to help me focus on what elements I’d like to hone in on for a new collection. Next, I sketch out the line and use this time to also select my favorite designs to manufacture. My pieces are all handmade in NYC with conflict-free diamonds and recycled metals.

Q: What’s the best part about designing custom rings for people?

A: I love any opportunity to collaborate with clients to make something unique and exquisite! Engagement rings are especially fun projects and it’s so rewarding to get the “She said yes!!!” text from my clients. I also like the hunt for the perfect center stone. My diamond team can get anything from old mine cuts, rose cuts, rough, and colored stones, to the modern shapes (i.e. princess, round, cushion etc.) that you see in the mainstream market today.

I’d just like to note that in addition to engagement ring design, I also do wedding bands, anniversary gifts, push presents, or “just because” presents and source antique engagement rings from the 1800s-1920s. Antique rings are a great alternative to custom ring design. They are also one-of-a-kind and have a long history of love.

Q: What’s motivates you to get out of bed every morning?

A: Every day is different when starting a business! The excitement of that is what motivates me to get out of bed, as there is always something new to be done. It could be related to design, photoshoots, client meetings, stone shopping, etc. I look forward to seeing where this journey takes me, and I really love the fact that I was able to bring another fashion brand to Austin.

Q: Favorite breakfast tacos so far in Austin?

A: I should probably be asking you this question since I’m new I’m still trying to figure out all the best spots! (me: *touché. I love torchy’s because of the poblano ranch sauce. it’s crazy addicting)

Q: Brunching- do you go for the mimosas or the bloody mary bar?

A: Bloody mary for sure! (*and then it was confirmed we’d be good friends)

Q: As an entrepreneur, what’s the biggest struggle?

A: Time management. I love what I do and it’s easy for me to spend hours and hours in the studio. I have to really force myself to be efficient during the workweek so I have time on the weekend to focus on my personal life. 

Q: What are you most looking forward?

A: I’m super happy to announce that my jewelry will be at Eliza Page – which is a dream come true – starting in November. In general though, I’m just excited to see what the future has in store for MAJA BOND.

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Tomorrow, I have an exciting post with Jonie Howard all about the timeless essentials we should all consider investing in for Fall and how to mix and match high/low for that effortless designer look. I’ll also be going live on Facebook to chat more and answer questions about what it means to develop a personal style, how important it is to invest in quality over quantity and the things I’m most looking forward to about the holiday season! So be sure to tune in!