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Brows are back baby! (can we give a good amount of credit to Cara D. and her killer brows?) And I believe the trend is here to stay. Eyebrows have had quite a history. No beauty trend has made me more happy than the return of the brow. I never thought twice about my brows, but once I discovered the practice of filling them in I was addicted. Unfortunately the routine added a good 5-6 minutes on to my already lengthy daily makeup regimen. I don’t hate my eyebrows. On the contrary, I love them! There is something so unique and defining about our eyebrows. They frame our entire face and add so much character that if I could choose only one makeup thing to do: it would be my brows. But on the flip side…I dislike the process of filling in my brows every single day. Here are my brows without a drop of make up on. 

microblading-austin-moore-couture-salon-2 microblading-austin-moore-couture-salon-1

I discovered microblading while googling how to get my brow color to last longer and investigating gels and dyes. If you google ‘microblading in Austin’ you’ll return a LOT of results, so how do you choose? For me the decision was easy – Andrea Moore. She’s the owner of Moore Couture Lash & Brow Bar and is the girl in town to trust with your brows. I booked as fast as I could. 


When I went in for the appointment I was greeted with a warm smile and reassurance the procedure was going to be a piece of cake. I first we dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s with a simple waiver since it is more of a medical procedure (think if you were getting a tattoo or botox)

She then did a little bit of pre-blading ‘clean up’ – just some waxing and tweezing to start it all off.

microblading-austin-moore-couture-salon-6 microblading-austin-moore-couture-salon-8 microblading-austin-moore-couture-salon-7

Then the fun part. She got me started with some numbing cream that sat for a few minutes with some saran wrap to really activate it. ( I HAD to capture the moment on snapchat.) After I couldn’t feel anything, we worked together to determine my color and the darkness I was after. I like a pretty strong, bold brow and my natural hair color is pretty dark but has a few different tones, so I let her mix a custom combination of a few shades to achieve something that looked natural. She’ll put a dot in between your brows to color match and ensure you like the shade.

microblading-austin-moore-couture-salon-11 microblading-austin-moore-couture-salon-12microblading-austin-moore-couture-salon-16


Andrea knows brows. She made sure the arch, shape, tail length would look natural and penciled in an outline to work from. We talked through everything, including how one of my brows was slightly shorter on one side that she could easily lengthen out with just a few strokes. Go for it girl, I just let her do her thing.

microblading-austin-moore-couture-salon-19 microblading-austin-moore-couture-salon-20microblading-austin-moore-couture-salon-24

Then it was time to microblade. It’s exactly what it sounds like – a microblade that creates tiny (literally micro) cuts and deposits color. It’s a technique that allows for much more precise and sharper lines as it’s not a gun or needle like a tattoo. It also doesn’t go nearly as deep into the skin as a tattoo which is why it’s considered semi-permanent. (they have a whole page of FAQ’s to answer any burning questions)


I won’t lie, it felt totally weird. But it didn’t hurt. It just felt like someone was dragging a pen across my face, but really I wouldn’t even describe it as ‘feel’. Since I was numb. More so, I could hear the drag, it was a really odd sensation. I will disclose my pain tolerance is pretty high, but Andrea was extremely sensitive the entire time and made sure to ask for a ‘discomfort update’.


She worked quickly and soon I was able to see the first brow complete. Holy brow! She puts a coat of ink on top of the entire brow to help deposit the color evenly. What was nice is it was easy to add a few strokes here or there, just like you would if you were filling in your eyebrows with a brush.


Once both brows were done she wiped off any residual ink and I was done! I won’t lie, for the first day or two they were dark and a bit red, but within a few days as the cuts healed and they just looked so natural. I got lots of compliments and comments on the killer state of my brows.



It’s been two weeks and they have died down a lot, I still have to go in for the required 1 month appointment where she’ll fill in any gaps where the ink didn’t take or just make sure they look as even as possible. They’ll have to heal one more time (she sends you off with some A+D gel and a little brow brush in case they itch) but after that I will have filled in brows for at least 1-2 years.

microblading-austin-moore-couture-salon-44 microblading-austin-moore-couture-salon-43

Microblading is great for anyone with extremely light hairs, scars, unevenness, or instances of alopecia…or lazy people like me who just really don’t want to fill in those pesky brows everyday. And just for LJL reader’s she’s offering $20 off to anyone who shows this post at their microblading appointment or 20% off any waxing service if you’re not ready to go ‘under the blade’. (Valid through 12/31/2106) 


It’s now been 3 weeks and I couldn’t be happier with my fresh set of brows. It’s one less thing I have to worry about, it saves me a ton of time getting ready in the morning. When I’m in a rush I just throw on a bit of mascara, tinted moisturizer, a swipe of lip gloss and I can be out the door in 10. All thanks to the power of the brow!

Take Care,


This post was in collaboration with Moore Couture Lash & Brow Bar.