There’s been quite a bit of moving and shaking happening around here lately. Probably the most exciting news is a new project I’ve decided to tackle; in the form of remodeling a 1950’s 780 sq.ft bungalow. It’s a family investment and we’ve already begun the grueling, but equally fun remodel process. I learned a lot from remodeling my trailer, but there is a big difference between 220 sq.ft on wheels and house, albeit a very small house. With that said, I look forward to challenging myself by coming up with creative ways to maximize the small, poorly designed space on a budget and time crunch. The whole house is super dated and has it’s fair share of quirks. Add old everything and not in a charming way, so we’re giving it some major love, new paint and lots of TLC.

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I’ll be moving in later this month since having decided it was best to move out of the trailer.  I currently have it listed for sale and it recently got filmed for an upcoming season of HGTV’s Tiny House Hunters. As much as I’d love to keep it: it has too many ties to the past and if there’s one thing I’ve learned during my time as a minimalist, that letting go and accepting change is just a part of life. And I will still promote the tiny lifestyle, the power of downsizing and continue embracing the principles of minimalism I’ve adopted even if I’m living in a slightly larger (but not really that big) space.

Another new priority – refocusing my energy into building Of The People, the digital marketing agency my best friend and I launched this past year. We had a ton of momentum going in at the beginning, but life got in the way for both of us. The timing just wasn’t right. Fortunately, we both found ourselves at a bit of a crossroads this summer and realized we had this awesome opportunity just sitting there waiting for us to pick it back up and run with it. So I’ll be integrating a lot more of our story into my personal blog and social media as we continue to work on growing our client base and build out the business. After trying on so many professional hats, falling into various roles and a whole lotta soul-searching… I have finally found something that feels just right for me and my many skillllllz. I realized a lot of my stress has been stemming from feeling unaccomplished professionally after an unconventional path from bartending to entrepreneurship and freelancing. My hope is that narrowing my focus and making my career the top priority in my life will help alleviate that feeling and eventually allow me the time and energy to accomplish even more of my goals in the future.

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With summer quickly coming to a end, I can say with absolute confidence this summer was the most transformative and more exciting few months of my life. I got dealt some pretty low blows, but it taught me that I’m totally capable of picking myself up, allowing me to become a more confident, happier and healthier person. It provided the perfect opportunity to welcome new relationships and make a ton of unforgettable memories with friends new and old. When I was in the midst of conflict and change, it required me to majorly re-examine my priorities, which is what inspired this post. Normally a very go-go-go person – I instead allowed myself the space and time to breathe, reflect and indulge in a bit of daydreaming. All of which made me realize I had let my priorities get completely out of whack. So as we all welcome a new season – I’ll be working on these new priorities while settling into these new routines.

How do you prioritize the most important things in your life? What is currently taking priority, let me know in the comments below.