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Today is the first day of my TAKE CARE Challenge and I couldn’t be more excited! A whole month dedicated to the practice of daily self-care. I’ve put a lot of time, energy and passion into putting this month-long series together for you guys and I can’t wait to share everything I’ve been working on. I’ve partnered with some of my absolute favorite brands and companies I truly love to bring inspiring, motivating and uplifting content to you guys for the next month.

A Self-Care Series That will inspire You to Reclaim Your Time, Health, Energy and Love For Yourself! 30 days dedicated to self-careWhy I decided to put this challenge together…

Several months ago I found myself at a bit of a crossroads and realized I had been completely neglecting my health, well-being and overall happiness. After putting everyone else’s needs and constantly overcommitting to everyone but myself I knew it was time for a change. I was a total yes person. Being upset, depressed and anxious was a normal day for me. It was sadly reassuring when I’d chat with my friends and other women, who all felt the same way. And that really bothered me. I didn’t used to be that way and it made me sad knowing my friends were feeling the same way. I’ve always been pretty laid-back, energetic and motivated. So the search began for the root of the problem and it was me…

I was my own worst enemy.

I decided that I needed to quit feeling sorry and sad for myself. Instead I needed to start treating myself with more respect, appreciation and simply: take better care of myself on a daily basis. Everyday I began just showing up, even if I didn’t feel like it. I changed out of my sweatpants, starting indulging in things that brought me joy or made me feel good. Most importantly I dedicated more time and energy to the people that made me the most happy – the first person being myself. I bring a lot to the table, but I found myself constantly devaluing my worth. For no reason. I learned to calm my mind and embrace a certain amount of slowness. I started working out, eating the right foods and talked myself up instead of putting myself down. That I was enough.

But I noticed that as the Summer began to fade so did my energy and enthusiasm for continuing all my healthy habits. Again, I heard the same frustrated echoing with my friends. People are home from holidays, work starts to pick back up and things started getting a lot busier. In the past I’ve tending to give into the stress of the holidays and work, but I refused to go backwards. 

Which was why I decided to challenge myself to a month of treating myself the very best I could and of course, subsequently sharing that journey on the blog with all of you. Why should I be the only one to benefit? Sharing is caring, so I wanted to be able to share as much useful, thought-provoking and mindset altering things that I could with you guys. And it’s always easier to start and actually finish something when accountability is involved. Whether it’s with one person or a group, we have to help each other out. The month is broken down into weekly series focusing on different areas of everything that makes us who we are. We’ll be taking better care of our style, beauty, wellness and most importantly, our mind & soul. 

A Self-Care Series That will inspire You to Reclaim Your Time, Health, Energy and Love For Yourself! 30 days dedicated to self-care

Even though the series has already technically started you can catch the day one email here, or still sign up and I’ll be adding the daily challenges to the page at the conclusion of the challenge if you’d prefer to move at your own pace (or if you just hate receiving emails, which I don’t really blame you for.). I’ll be checking in with everyone on Instagram, Facebook Live and of course, Snapchat. I’d love to hear feedback, how you guys are doing, what you’re struggling with, or even the little wins!

Take Care,