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You know that feeling when life seems to just be happening to you? When, however hard you try, things feel out of control and that anxious feeling similar to that of a backseat driver starts to creep in? Work that previously brought you joy now feel like mundane chore because you lack the necessary energy and motivation. It’s totally normal to for life to feel chaotic and messy at times, but it shouldn’t be a permanent state of being. Try adopting these 7 simple habits to feel more in control of your life. Take note of your focus, productivity and joy as you begin developing new habits. How do they make you feel? How is the quality of your work changing? How are you sleeping?

7 simple ways to get life back on track via Lauren Jade Lately | Minimalist Life & Simplicity Blog

Photo by Roman Bozhko on Unsplash


Get Good Sleep. And Lots of It.

I’m sure by now you’ve heard the news: sleep is powerful. Invest in high-quality bedding, a good memory foam pillow and make sleep your top priority. Sleep tops the list of priorities for top entrepreneurs for good reason–it works.

Eat Clean And Green

Just like your mother always said, ‘eat your broccoli’. Dark, green leafy vegetables are powerful energy and antioxidant boosters. I start every morning off with a green smoothie of spinach, banana, frozen pineapple, fresh lemon, avocado, a dose of green superfood powder and organic pea protein. It’s easy to mindless snack and consume junk food when stressed, but now is when you need to be using food as a tool to power you through the day.

Use Tech, But Not Social Media

I’m a huge fan of Asana for staying on top of work and life. UnRoll.Me for keeping all my personal inbox clear of endless stream of promotional emails. Mint and Simple for staying on top of finances. UberEATS when I want to eat well, but don’t feel like making the kitchen a mess. Let technology help make life easier, but try to stay off social media. As social media can increase anxiety and FOMO.

Practice Saying No

This is probably the most effective method to quickly re-gaining control of your life. You don’t have to be an asshole about it, there’s an art to politely declining a persons request or invitation. But quit letting all your precious time, energy or resources be hijacked by others. As real as FOMO is or you fear pushing people away by refusing to help.

Get Moving

Make if a priority to schedule 15-30 min. of exercise daily. Working out is proven to enhance mood, reduce stress, increase productivity and focus. And as an added bonus, helps you look great and feel confident.

Reignite a Hobby or Pasttime

Establish one or two hobbies that bring you joy or help you relax. Try to take it offline and reconnect with something analog whether it’s reading, art, riding horses, hiking, knitting, car racing–you’ll instantly find yourself feeling more fulfilled.

Be Appreciative

When you slow down to invest the time to recognize the things you truly appreciate in life, will you begin feeling more in control of your life than ever. It’s important to tell the people closest to you from time to time just how appreciative you are of them. Don’t assume they just know. And don’t forget to tell the most important person–yourself. It may feel self-indulgent, but learning to appreciate yourself will give you all the power you’ll ever need.