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Isn’t it crazy however clean or organized our spaces might be at any given time, it seems to only take a day or two for it to spiral out of control into an uncontrollable mess? First, it might be the keys left on the counter, then the mail begins to congregate near the door or clothes that couldn’t find their way back on to the hangers. Individually they are all pretty inconspicuous, but once they begin to form into a small army of clutter, that’s when things start to feel messy. And messy is stressful.

The definition of a mess?-  ‘a dirty or untidy state of things or of a place or a situation or state of affairs that is confused or full of difficulties.’ 

Living in a constant state of confusion, messes and clutter (both mental and physical) is frustrating and distracting. I’ll be the first to admit I can let my life and living space get pretty messy. But I’ve spent time practicing useful habits and tricks to make tidying up less of a chore and more of a therapy.

And here is my confession, I’ve never read Marie Kondo’s book, ‘The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up’. I know, how could I ? But I didn’t really need to. I have always known how to organize and ‘tidy up’. Yea, I’m still messy from time to time especially when I’m being creative, but it’s all about having a certain mindset to continuously organize and create necessary order in your life. Simple And Quick Tips for Tidying Up | Lauren Jade Lately 'A Minimalist Lifestyle Blog'

Tidying Up – Things To Keep In Mind

Tackle One Area at A Time– Choose one area and focus on that. If I’m going to organize my closet, I don’t also pull all the plates and bowls out in the kitchen at the same time. Stick to just one task and section at a time so your don’t see a pile of stuff and instantly give up.

Find And Designate Hiding Spots– Remember when you were little and your mom told you to clean your room? Which meant shoving everything under the bed or in the closet? (oh…you didn’t do that?….. You’re a liar. We ALL did that.) Well, you can still do that, but the adult way. Invest in various attractive forms of storage to store unsightly or messy items. The more you can tuck away and keep hidden the less messy your space will feel.

Keep Your Storage Organized- With that said, you still want to items within your storage to stay organized. Use labels, use smaller bags, ties, whatever helps keep everything in it’s place.

Tackle Hotspots As You Go–  We all have hotspots in our homes that seem to be a natural catch all for our clutter. Without fail things end up in the same corners and on counters. Try to be more aware of these spots and tidy as you go. Every time you walk by, take something with you and put it back in it’s proper home.

Leave Your Favorite Things On Display, But Rotate Them– Want your space to instantly feel more tidy? Remove half of the belongings from your eye sight. I love displaying my favorite things, but I don’t keep everything out all the time. Instead, I’ll rotate out my favorites every so often to keep the space fresh, but also looking clean and tidy.

And I’m finally back on the blog! I’ve missed you all. I have a few exciting posts coming up and like always, be sure to keep up with what I’m up to lately on Instagram – @LaurenJadeLately.