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Regardless of the size of your home, organizing your stuff (and keeping it organized) is paramount. Clutter can make a space of any size feel impossibly small and stressful. Investing in useful storage solutions can make all the difference.But only once you have successfully decluttered, can you then begin organizing all your remaining belongings and making sure everything has a home.

Useful Storage Solutions For Small Spaces | Lauren Jade Lately | Minimalist Style + Simple Living

My goal is to always keep my living spaces highly functional and simple; while still feeling comfortable without deprivation. It’s fascinating how many things we still own that we could easily live without. But for those things that truly need to be held on to even if they’re not used every single day (think of items like cooking supplies, office equipment, tools etc.) investing in useful storage solutions is an absolute must to keep your space looking clean and functional. Useful Storage Solutions For Small Spaces | Lauren Jade Lately | Minimalist Style + Simple Living

1- Blouse Tree | These things are like magic in any hanging closet.

2- Sturdy Clear Plastic Containers | Perfect for storing those little nicknacks and must-haves that are you need to easily be able to locate. We have several of these tucked all over the place.

3- 3-Shelf Spice Racks | Install these inside cabinets. Not only can they hold spices but small boxes, books, office supplies and so much more.

4- Storage Ottoman | Get more bang for your buck with functional furniture. These storage ottomans are a great way to get extra moveable setting and storage in one.

5- Corner Shelf | Utilizing otherwise wasted corner wall space to display some personal items to make any space feel more like home.

6-Tie Belt Valet Hangers | I hang all my necklaces and accessories on these in the closet and it is such a game-changer. And don’t forget to invest in some thin velvet hangers these are truly space-saving lifesavers and keeps your clothes from slipping on to the floor.

More Useful Storage Ideas

A variety of trays are a great way to keep those keys and little nicknacks all together in one spot. Boxes, like this cute black and white one from One Kings Lane is a great way to keep those less than display worthy trinkets handy, but out of sight.

When you work from home it is important to keep it as separate as possible so you can ‘keep work at work’ this foldaway Watts workstation from Pottery Barn is the perfect space-saving solution. I love that it’s low profile and you can quickly fold everything up and out of the way when you’re done for the day.

Utilize wall spaces, especially inside cabinets. Install organizers like a wall-mounted jewelry holder inside a closet door to maximize otherwise wasted space.