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There will always be things that happen to us that are completely out of our control. So just forget about it. Don’t let the things you can’t control affect the things you can.

Easier said than done right?

Trust me, I feel ya. Letting go of control is HARD.

But you know what is harder? Trying to control something that is completely out of your control. It’s not even harder: it’s impossible. 

Now I’m not trying to sound defeatist here, actually quite the opposite. This is fantastic! Coming to the realization that it is impossible to control something that the universe has decided it does not want us to have power over.



How People Choose To Treat You

What Time The Train Will Arrive

Rush Hour Traffic

Other People’s Choices (unless you’re a hypnotist, which is 1 part freaky 1 part awesome) 

The Weather

We can’t adjust the outcome of these events. Honking our horn at everyone who cuts in front of us will NOT instantly make traffic starting flowing. Try as we might, we cannot change how others choose to act. We can offer them feedback and talk with them about their actions, but ultimately they must make the decision what course of action they want to take. The great part about this?

We can stop worrying and dwelling on the things we know are completely outside of our control. It allows us to free up that mental and emotional space for the things we CAN control.



How Well You Prepare and Plan For Something

Whether You Choose To React To a Situation Positively or Negatively

What You Eat and Drink

The Information You Share With Other People

What Time We Leave For Work And For Meetings

How We Dress and Present Ourselves

How We Treat Other People

Our Effort We Put Into Daily Tasks

The Amount of Time We Choose To Give People And Things In Our Life

How Fast You Get Back Up After Falling



There is a big list on Tiny Buddha’s site of even more things that we do have control over. But you get the picture. It’s a lot harder to come up with the list of things we can’t control than the list of the things we can. This allows us to make our mindset and responses a priority. Practice becoming proactive instead of reactive.